Hello. I’ve started several blog posts in the last weeks, but never finished them. I get tired the photo part, and then I have to upload, resize, download…bleh. I’m lazy.

But y’all knew that.

Anyway, some time back hubby got me the-tablet-that-must-not-be-named (can’t ruin my android loving persona, here). He got it because it was supposed to be the best option for photoshop only, surprise, we don’t use photoshop now, apparently, but rather Fresco, another app I have to pay for and learn to use.


But I did find some tutorials and after three of them had the hang enough I could get on with it. I was going to share the tutorial images, but they use a base image created by someone else, and I don’t know who, so better to skip it than have someone pissed off.

Anyway, so here’s my first solo attempt:

I mean, there are some issues, but those are my own drawing issues, not a lack of program knowledge. Not that I’m a master by any means, but it’s a start anyway.

In other news, the flowers are blooming, the yard needs mowed, I need to paint some furniture and make cookies…We’ve been doing a year of cookies thing where we make a different kind of cookie every week. Wed initially planned it because mom loved cookies, but that aspect went out the window in February. However, since we’d started it, we’ve stuck with it. I should find all the cookies and post them. This weeks will be strawberry shortbread.

Not much else, so I end this here and maybe add some photos. Maybe not. (If you see them, then I did).

Have a J-pop kinda day!

Jo 🙂

New Pokemon Snap

Well, I think my arm cyst is sorted. I went to the doctor yesterday and he said we’re going to leave it alone for now, and I go back in six weeks. If it puffs back up in the meantime, it means he didn’t get the “capsule” (I think he used another similar word, but oh well) and he’ll have to cut it out. So lets all pray that doesn’t happen.

Trying to get things back on track here. Needless to say there were a lot of things I needed to do that I haven’t done, so everything is behind. bleh. So what have I been doing? Well, I’ve been reading Manta comics, and I’ve been playing the new Pokémon Snap on the Switch.

It’s pretty fun. The premise is that you’re helping yet another anime-looking professor with his research – but instead of catching innocent Pokémon in balls and fighting them, you’re taking snapshots of them for the professor to study. The overarching premise is that on these particular islands, there’s a phenomenon where some Pokémon fluoresce, or become “Illumina Pokémon”. So far I’ve met the first one:

Anyway, so Professor Mirror is trying to prove these Illumina Pokémon exist. To gather research, he’s built a little pod that floats you along a preprogrammed path in each area, and a special camera that you take the pictures with. When you return, you choose the best photo of each type of Pokémon and the professor scores it. More points level up the areas, and, as they level, the Pokémon’s behavior changes, so you get different photo opportunities. But why take photos? There are two reasons. One, instead of a pokedex to fill, you have a photodex. Each Pokémon has slots for a 1 star, 2 star, 3 star, and 4 star photo, and when you have one of each you’ve completed the dex page – though you can still swap them out for higher scoring photos I assume.

The other reason is because you have mini quests to capture certain images – such as Hoothoot’s “hidden foot”. (In order to get it, I finally had to beam him with apples until he almost fell off the sign. The game never tells you that you have to hit them with the apples, but apparently you do. It’s also how I made Pichu jump out from his hiding place.)

And then of course there are the personal goals, like making the ultimate Bidoof album!

I have a few Pichu, too. (He gets the flower crown after you hit him with the apple in the flower field)

And of course, a few of other Pokémon.

And that’s all I have right now. I suppose I better end this and get some of that work I mentioned done. Blargh.

Have a Bidoof is so cute kinda day!

Jo 🙂

May is here

Sorry I’ve been quiet. I have a lovely abscess under my right arm that’s made typing, etc. pretty annoying. Though it’s gone down (thanks to the doctor), but I have to go back in and see if it’s done or if it’s going to need surgery to chop out what’s left. I’m hoping it’s a no on that as I’ll then be out of commission while that heals.

Though while we were at the doctor we found something funny:

Because of the abscess I haven’t done a lot, though we did manage to make some dandelion jelly. We did two batches with two different recipes. The first on was super lemony, but the second version tastes more like honey.

Other than that, not a lot to share that’s interesting. The lilac tree we planted four years ago has finally bloomed.

We had some really nice flowers a couple weeks ago

They’re all gone now, but the ones we have now are nice, too.

You’ll notice there’s a hydrangea in there. No, it isn’t the one of the pair we bought two years ago – We killed one of them, and this is the replacement. The other one is pretty much dead, but it has like four little leaves, so I didn’t want to murder it if it was still trying to struggle along. The holly is pretty much a failure – one of the bushes is still semi-alive, but I’m not going to try a fourth shot at the stuff – and I have my fingers crossed on the smoke trees. I’d really like an Italian Plum, but they were out of those, though we did get a Walking Stick tree, so pray for it, LOL!

And that’s about it. Have a flowers aren’t dying kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Inside the Worm

This is the last of mom’s poetry books, and it’s the one that bugs me. No, the poems are good, and the covers are fine, but the page color is white, while all the others are cream. In order to make them cream we have to unpublish it and completely re-publish it as an entirely new book, s white I guess they will stay. Ugh! Other than that, I’m happy with it.

Mom’s super succinct description: This is a collection of easy to read story poems that weave tales of fantasy, war and humor.

FREE ebook:


Have a none of your pages are the wrong color kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Edible Webs

Only one more of Mom’s poetry books after this one, which is the third new/previously unpublished one. Luckily the covers had already been figured out, though sadly she never got to see it as a paperback. I think it came out pretty good, though. And the poems inside are even better.

Mom’s super succinct description: A collection of easy to read poems about vampires, werewolves, warriors, life, death, love, and more. Step into the shadows with me.

FREE Ebook:


Have a sparkly web kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Tales from the Trees

We only have a few of Mom’s poetry books left – see how prolific she was? And don’t get me started on the box of handwritten stuff she never typed up. Eek! That’s gonna take awhile, though I’m not going to even start on it anytime soon.

Anyway, so after touching up her poetry books to update formatting and such, we’ve finally gotten the paperbacks and they look pretty good.

My mom’s super succinct description: This is a collection of easy to read story poems that weave tales of fantasy, war and humor.

FREE ebook:


Have a blue tree kinda day!

Jo 🙂

From the Pit

I’ve been posting my mom’s poetry books for a bit now – I know, I could have done them in one long post, but it would have been long, and they say don’t do that, so… Anyway, we finally got the paperback versions delivered, and I think they look pretty good. The photos don’t really do the cover justice here, but it’s close enough for a blog. This one is one of my least favorite of her books because it has a lot of politics in it, and I’m not huge on that, but they’re still good writes.

Mom’s super succinct description: A collection of easy to read poetry about life, love, betrayal and suffering. Includes several social/political poems.

FREE ebook:


Have a fiery kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Tales from the Shattered Crystal

I’ve been posting my mom’s poetry books the last week or so. We had made plans to touch them up and put together the last three unpublished ones, but Mom never really got to home in a capacity to help with this, so I sadly had to do it after her death. We revamped both ebook and paperback, and recently got the paperback copies. I’m pretty happy with how they look.

This is one of the older books – unlike Rose upon the Water it doesn’t have a theme, per se, but instead has a sort of narrative; all the poems included are supposed to be tales told by the crystal.

My mom’s super succinct description: A collection of easy to read poems about life, love, etc. Not meant for children.

FREE ebook:


Have a fairytale kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Rose upon the Water

I’ve been posting my mom’s poetry books for the last week rather than piling them all into one blog. As I’ve mentioned, we had to touch up the formatting because of new requirements (we’d planned to do it when she came home, but, well, that didn’t pan out). We touched up both the ebook and the paperback, and a few days ago we finally received the paperback versions, and I think they look pretty good. This is the only book that has an overarching theme to all the poems.

Mom’s much longer description, thanks to her old blog: A collection of romantic love poems written while in the throes of my first real love, back when I thought forever meant forever and everything was thrilling. Back when my heart felt so full of mixed emotions I thought I would die. First love is such a magic time, a time when everything is bigger, stronger and somehow more real. I hope everyone will enjoy reading them and maybe share one or two with their significant other for Valentine’s Day. Just be sure to credit me.

Free ebook:


Have a romantic kind of day!

Jo 🙂

Tales from the Lost Prophets

Over the last several days I’ve been sharing my mom’s poetry books. Because of new formatting rules, we had to touch them up, and have finally gotten to see the paperbacks. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out, and I think she would be, too.

my mom’s super succinct description: Original verse of life, death, passion, twisted dreams and loneliness. The many faucets of the human psyche exposed for your reading pleasure.

FREE ebook:


Have a colorful kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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