Flying Circus

Since Mom passed away – actually after we realized she wasn’t ever coming home and going back to normal- we stopped our weekly family game night. We’ve done it here and there, but not as an event like we used to. So, we’re trying to get back to that. (Trying to get back to a lot of things, but I digress.)

Yesterday Dad dug out a couple of his old paper games, Death Maze and Flying Circus. They opted for the airplanes, so that’s what we did.

We never made it past the introductory version of the game, though we did play four rounds of it. Chris (the Germans) won twice by loading the dice, and Dad and I (The Brittish) won twice by stopping the bro from cheating. 😉

We also had some fancy root beer.

It’s vegan and non GMO and what not,but mostly it’s just root beer with sugar instead of syrup, which is always better.

Still waiting on the dresser handles, and have to sand the desktop today. And try to find something to get the smell out. I wonder if baking soda and vinegar would? I know that works on shoes. Damn stray cats.

Speaking of cats, I leave you with two that were once strays but never contributed to the delinquency of my garage.

The orange Fluff ball is my Taffy baby, and the concerned stripey one is Mustard aka Tubby Bubby.

Have a retro game kinda day

Jo 🙂

Just Whatever…and the Coffee Set

I did promise y’all a photo of that cool coffee set, so here it is.

It actually came with the cord, too, to plug it in and make the hot coffee, but that’s not happening since it’s older than me, haha! Pretty sure it’s safer to just make a pot and pour it in. I thought about having the bro rewire it, but then there’s internal stuff in the base as well and it’s not worth all that.

What else is there of interest? The fridge is still semi working so we broke down and ordered a new one. It gets here the 22nd. It’s a Samsung, like the stove and washer and dryer. And it was over 500$ off. That was a high selling point to me. (Thanks extended labor day sale)

We’ve dug the desk out of the garage, but being out there it got a bit….um…OK. in the winter we leave the garage door open for stray cats so they don’t freeze. The fluffy ass holes repaid me by peeing on it. Seriously. So we have to figure out how to deal with that. I was already planning to put contact paper on top because the surface needs refinished and I don’t have time right now, but I’m gonna have to Google how to get rid of the smell. We also need to see what else our fuzzy friends have left their mark on. No good deed goes unpunished.

As soon as the handles arrive, I’ll post pics of the dresser and the bookcase.

Ok. Nothing else, so I’ll end this ans get to work.

Have a breakfast tray kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Born to be Awesome

Not much here. Saturday was Villisca’s yard sale day but we missed it. I did pick up a free easel. Hamburg had popcorn day, too, and when we went there for a BBQ we ran into a closing yard sale that happily filled our car for free so, score! There were some vintage suitcases, which I’m crazy about, some glass vases and a very cool coffee/breakfast tray from the 70s or 60s that I am super stoked about. No pics yet because we still have to unload it all.

I also finally got to see Chris and Scott’s store and we got some cool things there including a Gandalf belt buckle. Pics later.

Anyway, the BBQ was fun and look at the awesome koozie Monica got me:

Though you can’t see it in the photo, it even has a bottle opener on the zipper. How freaking sweet is that???? Even better, I tested it out and it works great. Fit the bottle perfectly and kept my hand from getting cold, and with the stupid raynaud’s that’s an amazing bonus.

Okay, have a ton of work today so off I go.

Have an amazing koozie kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Ice Cream and the Farmers Market

Ahhh! Fall is finally here. About frigging time, if you ask me. But things are starting to turn that crunchy yellow.

Since its nice out,, we finally went in to the new Falks ice cream parlor in Red Oak. It’s pretty cute.

The bro got a banana split, and I went for chocolate in a waffle bowl. We also got a rootbeer.

Falks ice cream is always good and I mean it’s whipped cream and a waffle bowl, so obviously it was an amazing lunch. It was too much for me to finish but still worth it. The rootbeer was really good, too. I’d never had that brand before, but it’s made with sugar instead of corn syrup which always tastes better.

Anyway we took our goodies to chataqua Park (or however you spell it)

Yeah, the Red Oak water tower is orange, not red. I don’t know why, but I do know people call it the great pumpkin (there are t-shirts in fact) so there’s that.

We breezed back through downtown to see what they’re doing with the old school -making apartments – and to see the house that has their Halloween stuff up already

That’s the school you can see behind it.

Anyway, so we stumbled into the farmers market- who knew they had an evening version???

Of course we bought stuff because duh. But I got Mel a present which I’m not posting. (Ha!) And then jelly, some traditional Swedish rye bread, a brownie, and a cool pumpkin.

Speaking of pumpkins, I need more.

After the fun we came home to find that the freezer on our fridge had quit working again. I’m getting about sick of it. So we had to haul everything to the deep freezers and garage fridge and my uncle is going to come look at it. I’m tempted to just buy a new one, but $$$. The one we have now we got second hand from Craigslist because our other fridge died after only 6 years (I always hated that thing) and it was a “we need a fridge now” situation, but this one freezes up all the time. We have to pull the meat drawer out periodically and clean out ice and water that gathers there, and there’s a thing in the back that froze up once so that we had to empty the fridge and let it sit for 48 hours to thaw it. Luckily that just happened the once, but the water and ice under the meat drawer happens probably once a month or two, and now if the freezer isn’t going to work half time…

So, I guess we’ll see what happens.

Anyway, have an ice cream kinda day!

Jo 🙂


My Cricut printable sticker paper came yesterday. I’m not normally anal about having the name brand, but this has a kiss setting built into the program that will cut just the sticker and not the backing and it was almost 50% off. Can’t beat that.

What do I need stickers for? Halloweenapalooza is coming up and I have a vendor table. The last time, I did the selfie banner and gave away fake vampire teeth. Well, with covid, no one is going to want to pop vampire teeth in ans out of their mouth now. So, instead we’re doing a wheel of fate. The premise: you run into a vampire, what happens? Are you drained? Taken as a slave? Do they fall in love with you? Spin the wheel and find out. Yeah, I bought a wheel via Amazon. Who knew you could get them there?

So, the stickers. Originally I wanted to do tiny buttons that will say whatever your fate was from said wheel, because you can save buttons forever and they’re cute, but they’re pretty pricy and so tiny there’s barely room for my website address and, let’s face it, advertising is the point of this. Instead, we’re going with stickers, qhixh can be bigger and cheaper, but have the problem of being disposable. Guess you can’t have it all. Anyway, I need to design and then print and cut them sometime soon. I’m planning circles because they’re cuter, though I suppose squares would have more room. We’ll see.

What else that’s interesting? Not much, actually. Need to order spiders today, since I didn’t get my giant one, and get the rest of the Vella chapters posted.

Looks like my coffee is done, so calling this a blog.

Have a sticker paper kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Labor Day Weekend

Hope everyone had a great labor day weekend! Hubby actually had days off (a miracle) so we were able to do a little bit. On Sunday we went to the theater in Shenandoah. We’ve decided that unless it’s a movie they don’t have, we’ll probably just go there from now on. They’re cheaper, closer, and just as comfortable as the city theaters. I’ve noticed that the longer I spend not going to Omaha, the more I don’t want to, anymore. We used to go every weekend for grocery shopping and pokemoning and just generally hanging around but now we shop groceries in Red Oak, thanks to pandemic changes I can Pogo from home, and to be honest I’m mostly hanging out at home.

Anyway, so we went to see Shang Chi, of course.

Was it good? Of course. The Marvel folks have a great sense of comedy timing, much like an anime, and just as things get too dark or heavy there will be something to lighten it, which is what most DC movies lack. There some bits that felt rushed, or glossed over -like Katy’s family – but I know it’s for time and to keep the pace going. I also felt they were clever to give us the proper pronunciation of his name (shawng not shange like I’ve heard most people pronounce it) and using the actor to tie this ten rings into the Iron Man movies and remind you who they are/were etc. Without having to dump flashbacks or a ton of exposition. Also loved the Asian cast was actually Asian, lol!

After a great movie, on the way home, we ran into Essex fireworks show, so we pulled over and watched it. Just a couple pics but it was really pretty.

Monday we went to Nodaway for an impromptu family picnic. Yeah, I forgot about Labor Day so I hadn’t planned anything til the last minute. But we had fun roasting the hotdogs on sticks and then we had smorez.

The weather was good, the food was tasty and the company was great. Hubby stayed behind to do ham radio and we came home. I was going to do work but the bro said I needed a day off, so we watched Gintama Silver Soul arc. We have 6 episodes left and then we’re done. Ahhhhhh! After over 300 episodes, I’m gonna miss the characters. (There’s a movie that came or recently that is the final final final ending that we will still have to watch. )

So there was my exciting weekend. Hope you all had a great time. Now, back to work.

Have a roasted marshmallow kind of day!

Jo 🙂

The Wrong Railing

I got a Barbie cruise ship from the Awesome Possum Flea Market last week, but it’s missing the bow railing (and a couple other things, but since I paid almost nothing for it…) so I found the railing on ebay, ordered it, and….

And it’s the wrong railing, haha! *sigh* instead of the bow, it’s for the stern. So now we have to either try to modify it, have hubby design and print all new ones (so they match), or keep looking on ebay.

Gotta do some stuff then when I get back, gonna try making homemade salsa out of all the tomatoes the lady at the gun shop gave me.

Have a I-found-the-right-railing kinda day (unlike me)

Jo 🙂

Pot Pie

The storm amounted to nothing, which was both good and bad, so the sunflowers are fine.

Having a late dinner. We’re slumming it while Chris is gone, so it’s pot pies.

Am I the only one who breaks the crust up so it cools off faster? No. Never mind. Carry on.

Have a pot pie kinda day!

Jo 🙂


Thought I’d post a sunflower update since there’s a storm coming and with my luck it will bowl them over, lol!

Stately Oaks Part 4 – Final

And for the last entry about Stately Oaks, here are pictures of the Creek village and some pretty flowers. I wish I could tell you more details about everything, but it’s been three years and I don’t really remember. Sorry.

So that’s the last of that! Hope you had fun, and if you want to see more photos, there is a whole album on my Flickr.

Have a pretty flower kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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