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photo album

Another two rolls of film made it to walmart and back. Not a lot of good pictures on it, sadly. Some were ruined by time like this one:


And others were just bad photography, like the four of the blurry toad (Which I’m not uploading). Among them were a few salvageable ones.


There was one photo that the effects of time enhanced:


Pretty cool, huh?

Not much to share. Been editing on the book. Hopefully it can be done soon so I can give it to the beta readers. Fun times.

Have a good one,

Jo :)

Nathaniel Green Again

random photos

Apparently in June of 2012 we LIVED at the Nathaniel Green Park. Okay, not really. What happened was I went once with my Aunt and Uncle, and then I later I took hubby. However I took photos of everything that didn’t move both times, so I probably have a shot of every species of flower between this album, this album and this album.

I know I should be editing, but I took some time the other evening and finished editing this folder, so I thought with the impending blizzard I’d share them. Yeah, supposedly there is bad weather coming either tonight or tomorrow night (depending on if you believe Weather Bug or though I place my official bet now that we won’t see very much snow. This is based on the my experience since we’ve moved here. Every storm system is predicted to dump twenty-feet – schools close. Businesses close. People barricade themselves in. A quarter of an inch later, they all look silly. But, who knows? Maybe mother nature will vindicate them this time.

Anyway, on to the pics.

And now I am craving Little Debbies for no reason, so I may see if the brother has any stashed away. Have a happy flower kinda day.

Jo :)

What Happens to Old Film

photo album

Long ago, in the dusts of time, I used a camera with *gasp* film. Towards the end was a time of great activity (aka I was short on time) and when time was available I was short on funds and, well, anyway, I never got the last several rolls developed.

I’ve planned to do it. I’ve said I need to. Then this year for Christmas Dad gave me my usual Walmart gift card. For a change I didn’t need to spend it on a) the thing I wanted that no one got me or b) groceries, so I am using it to get those rolls of film developed.

I sent in two test rolls, to see if anything would even come off of them because I had no idea when they were from. To my surprise some photos did come off, and they are from 2005. Even more interesting, the two random rolls I grabbed happen to go together.

As I said there were photos, but that doesn’t mean they’re GOOD photos. One roll isn’t too bad but the other…It’s so bad that they sent me a card about how to avoid light pollution to my film and suggested I may have changed the roll in full on sunlight. Ouch.

Anyway, I thought I’d share them for a sort of throwback fun day, and to show you what happens when you wait 10 years to develop film. Also of note: Walmart did NOT return my negatives (there were a lot of arguments about this online when I tried to find out whether they even developed pictures anymore.) I did get a cool picture CD though so I didn’t have to manually scan anything off.

These are from December 2005. We stopped at Shyla’s Christmas event, got to go to Branson and get a motel and see Ray Steven’s last show thanks to hubby’s work, had the big family Christmas, and then our family Christmas, as well as my birthday and my brother’s birthday. And of course there’s some cats.

So let this be a lesson. Do not let film sit for ten years. And now, I need to get some more developed.

Have a pink and yellow bonfire explosion kind of day!

Jo :)

Not Dead, Just Cold

random photos

Though my last post was to tell you that I had an infection in my hand, I didn’t die from it. In fact I’ve recovered pretty well. There’s a couple of sore spots and a swollen bit, but my hand is functional. So functional, in fact, that I finished the rough draft of my book and have started editing. I need to cut at least 12,000 words (It clocks in at over 120,000). More would be nice, but I don’t see it happening unless whole scenes go, and I don’t think there any extra ones.


My M&M friend helps me write.

I’ve also been toiling away on the weekly Terrible Turtle Conspiracy webcomic pages. I don’t know if I mentioned its resurrection or not. The TTC was a webcomic I an my friend Jonathan used to do once a week. There’s not much of a plot – each chapter only loosely connects to the one before it, with some looser than others. The main thing is it’s all in the TTC universe. Anyway, we fell off a couple of years ago, but have started back up again. You can read Chapter Nine – the newest chapter, where Jonathan and I are on trial by the National Union of Fictional Folks for abusing our characters and running a poor quality comic. On page two they demanded that we do something to advertise our comic and make it interactive, so we have started a Facebook page and are running a selfie contest that ends January 31st.

Aside from that we got some snow. It wasn’t the snow-pocalypse we were promised (it never is) but it made some pretty pictures.

Oh! And my light up shoes finally came!


They light up in different colors, and also have some flashing patterns. I have a second pair in women’s size 7 that I am going to give away one of these days in an author event or something.

Anyway, I’m out for the night. Have a shiny silver disco kind of day!

Jo :)



Yes, that’s just what it looks like: a hole in my hand. This was taken last Friday before it got infected and my hand swelled up like a rubber glove full of air. After an ER visit, antibiotics, lots of time with it elevated to drain, and a lot of whining, I am happy to say it once again resembles a hand and the fingers are all usable.
Anyway, that’s where I’ve been all week, avoiding any kind of typing because it was hard to do with my left hand.
Hope everyone else has been doing better!
Have an in-infected kind of day!
Jo :)

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Henry Doorly Zoo Part 3

random photos

First, if you’re one of the three people who click the link to come to the blog you might notice that I have new wallpaper. Yeah, it’s the same type, but the photos are different (I swear) as is the header. Not only is it different, but it’s also more blue because I’m tired of the orangier look. Anyway, if you’re desperate for mosaic image wallpaper, you can get my old one by clicking the small image below and saving the larger one it takes you to.


And here’s the last part of the zoo photos from 2012. You’re probably glad of that, but I warn you there’s nothing better coming. Sorry.

If you missed part 1 and part 2, you can check them out. Or, you can always hop over to Flickr and scroll through all the photos there.  Today’s set is from the Desert Dome, the Gorilla House, and a few random animals that they’ll be moving into the Africa complex if they ever get it done.

And that’s all of them. I might actually have to put some effort out tomorrow.

Have a snuggly groundhog kind of day!

Jo :)



Henry Doorly Zoo Part 2

random photos

Annnnnnnnd…I’m back. How lucky for you. Before I get into anything, I want to tell you about the cool contest we have going at the Terrible Turtle Conspiracy Webcomic site. A lucky winner will be featured in a page of our webcomic – how cool is that? And to enter all you have to do is post a selfie! You can get all the details on  the TTC site or on the Facebook Fan Page. (while you’re there feel free to drop a like!)

Today’s photos are from our 2012 trip to the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo. I posted photos of the aquarium and sea life yesterday (there were some good ones IMHO). Today’s images are from the Leid Jungle complex. the cat house, and Madagascar.

The third, and final part will post tomorrow night. While you wait, be sure to enter the awesome TTC contest for your chance to be featured in a webcomic! Remember, you can get all the details on  the TTC site or on the Facebook Fan Page.

Have a Madagascar kinda day!

Jo :)



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