Snow and Windex

We got some snow yesterday that is still hanging around.





Speaking of photos I have joined Instagram finally. Though I have a beef with the square photo requirement. Why do my photos have to be square? Sometimes oblong is better. Other than that it’s an OK place.
It’s house cleaning day because this place is a pit. Seriously. We’ve got half of it done but had to break so mom could go to her doctor appointment. Hopefully we’ll get lunch when she comes back.
Since I’m starving, here’s some random food porn.


Chicken strips and onion rings from the Villisca cafe


A chocolate muffin

Thanks to the weather our weekend trip is canceled. Boo. Hiss. Boo. Maybe we’ll get to go next month. :(
And that’s all from me. Have a good one.
Jo :(

I’m a Coward


I missed yesterday. not that you missed much. I had a blog started, then the blue screen of death took it away and I never got back to it. I have some things to try to fix the BoD, but it’s a matter of getting to it.

Have book covers to work on, instead I have been organizing my book notes (I’m on page 34 of 258). My notes are like an encyclopedia – which is what I am planning to eventually turn them into, though a bit edited since some of it is on a need to know basis. Anyway, I had to look something in the unpublished prequel, Patrick, and got lost reading it.

I wrote Patrick a couple of years ago (it’s a prequel to the vampire series) and had actually planned to publish it. When people ask me why I haven’t I always cite a time line problem (There really is one. Hailey is pregnant in January, but in August she’s only six months along – this happened because I had to move a huge chunk of story and just didn’t think about it.) Truth is, I could fix the timeline problem by moving the Hailey subplot. It doesn’t HAVE to start in January. it could move to April, I’m sure. I’ve reworked things that were far more complicated. So what’s the hold up?

I’m a coward.

Patrick is very, very different than the rest of the series. It’s written from Patrick’s point of view, and he doesn’t like descriptions, and he cusses a lot, and he likes short, quick scenes, and he has a pretty miserable life. It’s far closer to the stuff I used to write (maybe the stuff I prefer to write), and so it got mixed reviews from the beta readers. No, I’ll be honest. Mixed reviews I could have dealt with. It was the, “I hate it! I hate it! I am literally in tears because it’s the worst book I’ve ever read!” that clenched it. (To this day I have not  read the second half of that beta’s notes because I couldn’t deal with it. You can only take so many all caps sentences about how terrible it is before you give up.)  After that violent reaction I have this terror that everyone will think that. And though I’m not normally a “these books are my babies” kinda gal, that one is a far closer representation of the books I would write if I had the gonads to do it. (which I obviously don’t.)

The sad thing is that aside from the time line issue, and some character development (the trouble with writing a character you already know well is that you forget other people don’t know him), and some small things like that, I like it. I think it’s good. It’s twisted, and it’s dark, and it’s sick. But then maybe I have bad taste. Maybe I just like horrible, terrible, bad things.


Anyway, when I started this blog I had decided I was going to rework the book (after Clash of Legends is published) and at the very least offer it free for the newsletter sign up, but the more I think about what the beta said, the more I think I probably won’t.

In other news, if you want to see the paperback collector’s edition cover of Clash of Legends, check out my author blog after 5pm (I think that’s when it’s scheduled to post). I started doing some other character artwork last night and hope to get some squeezed in today, as well as finishing up some book cover stuff. Good times.

Have good one!

Jo :)

PS – Ah, why wait until 5? Here’s both covers in all their glory:

ebook and regular paperback edition

ebook and regular paperback edition

Paperback collector's edition

Paperback collector’s edition

Reviewing Reviews


Okay, so I was wrong. Roman won. wOOt! It was a helluva match, too. Worth the $9.99 we pay a month for the WWE channel on Roku.

Random question: Is it abnormal to love the smell of Orscheln’s? I know its mostly the smell of car tires, but….

Hmmmm. I drew a preliminary of Samael today:


It needs colored and tweaked and all that. I also started on Jamie, but he’s not cooperating and I ran out of time, sooooo….

Can’t come up with much to say. That took all morning, then I ate won-tons for lunch, watched an episode of Supernatural, and now I am working on book covers. I still haven;t written the short story reviews. I need to. I think as authors if we want people to leave us reviews we need to leave other people reviews. I admit, though, I won’t leave a review under three or four stars. If I don’t like it enough to give it that many then I don’t write the review. There have been things, and no, I won’t say what. The reason I don’t is because I know how many positive reviews it takes to equal out one bad review – and most of the books I’m reviewing don’t have very many on them, so that one or two star review of mine could trash their rating completely. I’m not saying other people should do what I do. Everyone has the freedom to post what they want, I just don’t.

Nothing else to say so I’ll end it. Have a good one.

Jo :)




It’s WWE Fastlane starting shortly. I predict Daniel Bryan will win which will be sad coz Roman is smokin’.
Aunt and Uncle stopped by today. They’re looking at a house down the street. We went down and looked too. Wish I’d taken a camera. It’s an awesome place though it needs some work. Hope they get it.
Three minutes to Fastlane.
Have a good one.
Jo :)

It is What it is


I haven’t done anything worth blogging about. Beta read an awesome story collection, but it’s not available yet so no point linking anything. I have read some short stories I need to review from the Night Touched series by Maegan Provan, but the reviews will go up on my book review blog ( ). I have pre-order links for my newest book, but those go up on my author blog tomorrow. Tricia the awesome posted an interview with me, but that’s – again – on my author blog ( so… There’s just not much non-author life happening right now.

I’m kind of disgusted right now. And disappointed. It just feels like everyone is out to make a buck sometimes – there’s nothing wrong with making money, and nothing wrong with wanting fair compensation, but sometimes I get disheartened with price gouging. It’s like really? Why do you think your time is worth THAT much? In the end the people mostly hurt themselves – and the handful of suckers whose wallets they pilfer. I guess that’s why it bothers me; because they’re taking advantage of that handful of suckers. I dunno.

I did learn I have some principles. (Scary, right?) A website whose name I won’t mention offered to download and review author’s books in exchange for a testimonial of their site. I initially thought “heck, I can do that!” So I tried, but truth is I don’t use their site, and I don’t know anything about their product or their services, and in the end I couldn’t attach my name to something that said I did. Plus, they don’t promise to READ said book, just download it and review, and I don’t really need any shill reviews either. Yeah, i’d love to have the 100 or 200 that some books get, but I’m happier with my 27 real ones than 100 fake ones. (Remind me I said that later when I’m wishing for more reviews.)

I read an interesting blog by a reviewer saying that authors worry too much about reviews because reviews don’t matter (??), and whether an author had five or fifty makes no difference, but they’re wrong. Reviews matter because many of the best advertising sites won’t accept your book for advertising (Yes, they won’t LET you PAY them) unless you have a certain number of reviews and a certain star rating (Because we all know that that star rating guarantees something, right?), so an author needs a certain number of reviews and a certain star rating if they want to advertise their book to an audience that might actually buy it. I say this because the idea of using social media to connect and advertise sounds great – be yourself, cultivate friendships. It’s fun, sure, but it doesn’t SELL much, and if you desperately need some sale numbers so you can afford to keep churning out books then you need to make sales, and the best way to make sales it to advertise to people who are actually looking for BOOKS rather than by posting pictures of your breakfast on instagram and hoping someone will find your sausage log cabin interesting enough to click on your profile and then maybe click your link and then maybe buy… it just doesn’t make sense as a sales strategy. Now as a networking strategy, as a making friends strategy, even as a PR and keeping in touch with fans strategy it’s awesome, but to sell books? Not so much.

I read a nasty comment from a reviewer on another blog stating that authors should just (essentially) spend their time hanging out on social media and *if* the reader found the author engaging and interesting enough then the reader *might* ask about the author’s books. Say what? I realize this was initially meant to combat writers who spam Facebook or twitter with constant “buy my book” blurbs, but get real. Steven King isn’t on twitter cultivating a friendship with you in the desperate hope you might deign to pick up one of his books (neither is he posting 400 “buy my book links” either, so keep that in mind). No, I’m not Steven King, but let’s face it, the publishing industry has changed and NONE of us are EVER going to be Steven King, no matter how good we are – period. If I instigate a friendship with someone it’s because I want to be friends with them, not because I hope they’ll find me witty enough to someday read my novels.

Which leads me to another point. I don’t WANT to know the private life of artists/authors for the most part (Unless it’s someone who falls into that “I like you for you and now I have discovered – whoa! – you’re also an amazing writer, too!”) because it ruins things. I loved the Ann Rice’s vampire books. But, after her anti-religion facebook stunt I won’t read another one ever again. And I want to. I think “It wouldn’t hurt… she’s not suffering because of my not buying, after all…” But it’s one of those principle things. “Connecting” with her on Facebook ruined a book series I enjoyed. The band Soul Asylum. I still love their music, and I admit I’d still buy their stuff, but after a friend of mine worked an arena show for them and the lead singer was a complete prima donna a** hole it took something out of the music for me. There are others, but you get the idea.

Of course, there are times where knowing things about the author/singer/etc make the experience better. I love Ville Valo’s interviews, for instance (but then he’s such a smart ass he makes them fun), but he’s also careful. He has a persona, he plays his persona, and we don’t see the *real* him. And we don’t need to. I don’t need him to connect with me on twitter and have meaningful conversations and convince me that it’s worth my precious time to listen to his music. Of course, if he wanted to I wouldn’t say no, he seems like he’d be fun to talk to. (Actually, I’d know it was a fake because he doesn’t use social media, but that’s beside the point.)

So this turned into a sort of rant. The things I say we should all avoid. I don’t have any cool wrap up thought to pull this all together, so I’m not going to. It is what it is.

This is an old random photo that has nothing to do with anything:

Have a good one!

Jo :)

Almost Looks Like a Real Book Cover


Book covers. That’s mostly what I did yesterday. They’re waiting approval, so in the meantime I’ll share a set of old ones.


Yes, the author very awesomely sent a set. Hubby’s quote was “wow! Those almost look real, you know, like a real book cover person did them.”
From the mouth of idiots.
Ha ha! I call him that affectionately. I know there are those whom his comment would have upset but it didn’t bother me. I just extracted the compliment from it and called it good. Of course I didn’t let him off the hook that easy and intend to mention it from time to time at strategic points… But that’s just a woman for you ;)
I also updated my website a bit – – it has the new yellow background because this book is yellow. The next will be either dark red or green. If it turns out as gory as I think it might then the red. I dunno. I have a plot in mind but it depends which book it makes it into. I have some stuff to deal with first, like the surprise at the end of book 7 and then Anya and Thomas (which probably means nothing to anyone else).
Anyway, I’m typing this in the car and my fingers are cold so ending it. Have a good one!
Jo :)

I Look Like Luigi but I Have No Pizza

photo album


My book blurb is maybe done, at least done enough that I put it on Smashwords and Amazon so they can get pre-order set up. Other than that it’s back to the inbox today to deal with the aftermath of auto reply not working. Again. Good times.
Have a warm day!
Jo :)
P.S. I did have pizza last night, hence the mustache. It came on the back of the pizza box. Screaming Sicilian was the brand. It was OK, but not spicy Luke I’d hoped. I’m craving that weird spicy pizza we had in KC when the uhaul broke down.


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