It Didn’t Post

But you didn’t miss much. Dad’s t-shirt came:


And I made it to V on the handbook. I’m doing the foreign guilds which should go fast but aren’t because the laptop is lagging. I dunno why.
My business cards came too. Thanks to Klout I just paid S&H.


They came out nice but then they always do from Moo. I love their products – I’ve gotten both full sized cards and the half sized cards before, and have always been happy. They’re a bit more expensive than Vistaprint but they let you do multiple designs (up to 50 per pack of 50 cards!) And they’re really thick and the gloss is just gorgeous. Anyway, check ’em out. (Yes this is an invite link from my account)
Other than that we had kabobs for dinner.


Before heat


After heat

And now it’s bed time so I can get up early to go to SAC.
Have a good one!
Jo :)

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Slicing Watermelons

I haven’t felt very well for the last three or four days. Eh. It happens. It’s annoying because it shoots my productivity down to about zero – and there is SO much to do! I have the illustrated handbook to finish, a novel to beta read for a friend and fellow author, house keeping, renovation work, yard work, and on and on. And the fogging wasn’t as easy as they made it sound (it never is) and we’ve had to redo chunks of it, which take forever, and then I have a handful of book covers…


Primal scream over, ha ha!

As to the illustrated handbook I am on R. For the beta reading I am less than half done. And as for the rest I haven’t done crap. Hubby got me a new glue gun to work on the bathroom trash can with. The bird feeder, nightstands, and dressers are in the garage waiting to be painted, heck, the kitchen drawers still need painted – the list goes on. The point is I have done none of this and am getting especially irritated about it. Some of the irritation is at my co-inhabitants – I always have to be the cheerleader, the one saying “let’s go! let’s do this! we can get ‘er done!” so when I am feeling draggy and thinking “no,we can’t,” there’s no one to push *me*. No one to say “You can do it! come on!” they just say “Yay! let’s all take a sick day (or days)”, which then just makes things worse because not only is nothing getting done on the house, but the cleaning and other things pile up and fall behind so then it’s even more stressful trying to play catch up. For all of us. But, I am also irritated at myself because I *know* they won’t cheer-lead me along, so I should be used to it at this juncture and able to just shove myself along.

I don’t know. It’s one of those things, I guess.

Father’s Day was sort of a bust. We had planned to go to SAC but after dropping a fortune at the laundromat:

we  rescheduled that for this weekend and took him out for dinner instead. We wanted to go to OInker’s in Atlantic but it was closed so we went to the West Something Something instead. Though they have an ice cream bar, we probably won’t go again:

Dad’s meal was no better, and since his birthday and Father’s Day are right next to one another, I made him a strawberry pie to make up for it:


We got some of those trick candles, so that was fun, and watched Happy Days on Hulu. Why not?

Speaking of Dad, he’s been scalped:


When he left this morning he had shoulder length white hair. Now he’s bald. It was a shock to everyone.

In other news I got my author t-shirt in the mail:


And my free Snapfish coffee mug, which I plan to do an author giveaway with, either on my blog or facebook, one of these days. It came out nice.

wpid-073.jpgI got the code for it as a reward for using “Genuine HP ink” in my printer. Weird, huh?

I also ordered some Moo business cards through Klout (again only paid S&H) but they will have the Klout symbol on one side. Like I care. I have a bunch of cards already, but I can’t find them (they’re “in a box somewhere”) so no point in paying a fortune for new ones in the meantime. Besides, free is always good.

And that about covers it, I think, aside from moaning and slopping around the house taking six times longer than usual to do anything. Just thinking about it makes me feel sad and draggier, so here’s a cheering-up cat picture.wpid-065.jpgDo you feel cheered up? I would if the blighter actually loved me best like she was supposed to, ha ha!

And with that I end this rambling bit of pointlessness.

Have a good one!

Jo :)

Song stuck in my head – Clone Your Lover by Zeromancer

P.S. I mentioned the watermelon slicer some time back and was asked how that worked, so here you go:

wpid-0310.jpg wpid-0211.jpg wpid-0112.jpg wpid-0017.jpg

Old Art


I was up until six a.m. so I got up late today. I hate that I am falling back into the night schedule. I don’t know why I always end up back on it no matter how hard I try. I guess because it’s after everyone goes to bed that I get some time alone to work on stuff. Or maybe I am just wired that way. When I was born my father was on the midnight shift, so we were too for the first year or whatever of my life. Maybe that’s what did it. Either way it’s annoying, especially since we need to get up early tomorrow to get a ton of stuff done so we can fog the house. (bye-bye ants and other assorted things).

No photos today. I did the usual household crap, but nothing worth photographing. (I am now on page 60 of the Amaranthine Handbook, so that’s something.) However I have over 22,000 photos on Flickr so let me find something random…

Here’s an old piece of art from… um… 2009? 2010? I don’t know. Maybe 2008. I don’t remember.
Oh. It say 2007. Wow. Didn’t seem that long ago. But it just shows one of the reasons an artist should always date their work.

I need to do some drawing. I think it would make me feel less… restless. Now to find the time.

Have a good one!

Jo :)

Krafty Stuffs

Yes, I know stuffs is not correct English but we have a foreign friend who used to use it (as she knows five languages she is allowed an extra s) and so it became a “thing”. Plus it’s fun.
Anyway, freaking tired but wanted to share. Our sea glass from Estonia came today.


I used some of it to finish off decorating the big glass jar I bought at the garage sale.


I had to dip the ends of the rope in wax to stop them unraveling – I used scentsi wax because 1) it smells good 2) it’s the same color as the rope 3) super easy to melt – just plug in the wax warmer. We’ll see how it holds up.
And now I’m going to bed. Have a good one!
Jo :)

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Stimulated Chalkboard Labels and Other Things

I’m on page 50 of the handbook with only 40-some left to go. I need to get with it.
In plant news, the hanging basket plants that were on death’s door are getting better:



The bizarre find of the day:


Though it’s hard to see, someone carved Patt into the door frame. This was hitherto unnoticed by us, but has been there a long time, as whoever did the bad varnish job varnished over it. Thank you Patt.
In organization news, I organized the bathroom cabinet:


And in failed projects I learned that liquid nails does not stick to rope.


The goal is to wrap the garbage can in it. Google says to try hot glue, which is packed, so might be easier to buy a new gun.
And now for the craft success. I got my cook book covers done:


How did I do it? First I covered them in wrapping paper (and rubber cement), then I printed out my patterns while that dried – and cut them out:


The shape I stole from a website selling chalk board stickers and then I enlarged it. The font is by Kimberly G (I forget her name) but I paid 5$ for it a bit back. I went ahead and printed this out because my hand lettering sucks.
I cut the “labels” out of black card stock, then flipped the words over and “colored” over them with a number 2 pencil.


Then, centered them on the label…


And traced them with the same pencil, pressing fairly hard.


When I was done I had this:


Ta da! Like the old carbon paper. To simulate chalk I used white paint and a tiny brush:


Then when they dried (which was hard to wait for!) I glued them on:


A layer of clear contact paper later, and they are kitchen ready. Now to get a red folder for that cook book of mom’s…
And it’s now almost 4 so I really need to hit the hay. Have a good one!
Jo :)
PS – bonus sunset pics:



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Photo of the Day

Not feeling well so all you’re getting is a single photo.


Three blooms now

That’s the mystery lily. A Facebook friend said it is an Asiatic Lily. I’m sure she’s right.
Have a good night.
Jo :)

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Indy Can Be Fun


For the most part it was a boring day where little of worth got accomplished, so I’ll skip all that boring stuff (except to say my baskets came for the bathroom – yay! Finally! Pics coming later) and go straight to the two movies we watched.

We have a Roku and have added several of those odd ball free channels. My dad loves them, and so we often get some weird movies. Today’s selection included “To Know a Jedi” and “Star Wreck”.

To Know a Jedi was made in the early 2000s and is a fan film. The premise is that in normal town USA a science geek college kid, home for the summer, sees Star Wars Episode II with his friend and decides to create a real working light saber. No one thinks he can but – surprise! – despite allusions to his past failed experiments, he manages to do it. However, that leads him to wonder, if light sabers are real, what about the force?

The first fifteen minutes were not particularly gripping (and full of foul language if that bothers you). We had actually given up and exited out to the menu, but I wanted to see if they got blown up (because of all the references to a past explosion), so we went back to it with the intention of fast forwarding it. Luckily it picked up and we never actually fast forwarded it. In fact, after he starts using the force, it got so intriguing that I put the laptop down.

I won’t say the acting is amazing, or that the dialog is award winning, but the effects are good for what it is, and it’s fun. The director/writer/producer… film maker was apparently killed in an accident so they have released the film into public domain and you can find it at various places for download or watch it on youtube (warning – the youtube comments say the audio is out of sync. The version i saw on TV was fine, so it’s a youtube thing). I’d say skip the beginning, but it’s necessary for character development, so just stick through it.

As for Star Wreck, I’ve actually seen it before. It’s a Finnish spoof of Star Trek and Babylon 5 that ends in an epic space battle. Captain Pirk ends up back in time on modern day Earth (I don’t know that it ever tell you how – I missed the first few minutes this time [they started it without me] and don’t remember from last time) with some aliens called the Vulgar (who wind up hanging out with a rock star), his Klingon-like tactical officer Dwarf and his android Info. They need to get back to their own time, without messing up the timelines, only something has gone wrong and rather than building the P-fleet of the future, the earthlings cancel the space program. Pirk determines that he will make sure the fleet is created, and decides that the best way to do that is to become emperor of the world – with Russia’s help.

The movie is in Finnish with subtitles but it is friggin’ hilarious. Or at least *I* think it is. It’s by the same people who brought us the classic Iron Cross (I’ll be honest, I don’t remember if I liked that one or not. There were two Nazi on the Moon movies that we watched back to back, and one was good and one was awful, but it’s been a couple of years and I don’t know which one it was. Oh well.)

Anyway, Star Wreck is not on youtube, but they do sometimes sell it on DVD at their website. (mostly they seem focused on Iron Cross and Iron Cross 2 since those are their newer movies)

So, two indy movies, and both were fun. And speaking of indy fun, I have been working away on the Amaranthine Handbook. I’m on page 47, which is a J. (In fact, it’s Jesslynn). So I thought I’d share a couple of the previous pages:

Image3 Image2 Image1

And now I am going to my five hours of sleep. Yay me.

Have a good one!

Jo :)


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