13 Questions

Over the years I’ve collected some frequently asked questions, so I thought I’d post them here for the benefit of all! Yay!

1. You haven’t blogged in a long time….

You’re right. After the pandemic got into full swing I stopped doing a lot of things. I stopped writing, stopped working on photos, stopped drawing…pretty much stopped everything because why bother? The world was ruined, anyway, so who cared? I had just started to get out of that mindset when my mother went into the hospital for an angioplasty that spiraled into four months in various health institutes and culminated in her death on February 15th, 2021. I have a lot of anger, and I blame the world’s response to covid for the condition she ended up in, and for her eventual death, caused by poor healthcare that was facilitated by a lack of oversight thanks to family being barred from seeing her for well over a month. I’m trying to start fresh and move past it, but we’ll see.

2. You mention a billion family members. Are you all living together or what?

Hubby and I do indeed share a house with my younger brother, and my father. My mother also lived with us until she passed away in February 2021. With so many people you’d think we’d get a lot done, but…

3. Your posts are all over the place…

I like too many things, and I can’t ever stick to just one, nor can I stick to a schedule of any kind for some reason. It annoys me, too.

4. What’s the name of that freaky disease you have?

It’s not a disease, it’s an auto immune disorder, and it is called Sjogren’s syndrome. Basically, my immune system attacks my own body, so I am sick a lot, have dry eyes, dry mouth and a varying list of complaints. I also have Crest Syndrome, which is also autoimmune – the Raynaud’s phenomenon I was previously diagnosed with is a part of this. We’re monitoring my thyroid for another autoimmune thing as the tests came out borderline. Better than being dead, so I muck on.

5. You have books published?

Yes. I am an indy author, which means I am independently, or self, published. I like it that way. I don’t really want to mess with the stress and pressure of the “traditional world”. If this makes me a hobbiest, then fine. I enjoy hobbies. If you feel so inclined, you can check out my books.

6. Can you help me publish/edit/get a book cover for my book?

I will be happy to help you in the form of advice, or send you links to info. For instance The Self Published Authors Lounge has a LOT of information on it, and I periodically post helpful tidbits on my Amaranthine Night blog.  I’m afraid editing and book covers have to be commissioned through the normal channels. Check out my FAQ for more info on that.

7. Will you read my book?

Sure. Send it to me. I read anything. However I’m really slow now because I work too much, so it might take me a year. Seriously.

8.  Did you go to art college?

No. I graduated high school and got married. For the most part I’m what you call self taught, with the exception of the occasional tutorial or how to draw manga book. The same with photography. I believe in the “what looks good” principle – if it looks good then it looks good. If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t. Enough art theory for me right there.

9. Do you like blog tags/games/awards?

Yes. I love all three.

10. How many blogs do you have?

There’s this blog, my author blog, my book review blog, my paper doll blog, and then the Terrible Turtles website. And I sometimes post on Self Published Authors.

11. What’s with all this Creative Commons stuff?

Creative Commons is an image/video license that can be applied to works. Most of my drawings and photos are licensed under Creative commons attribution. this means you can use my photos for anything, even commercial use, and edit them, so long as you give me credit as the original creator. I am a big supporter and fan of the CC license.

12. What happened to your webcomic?

The Terrible Turtle Conspiracy (which is written by Jonathan Harvey, aka Jissilly) is BAAAAACK! We publish a new page every Friday, so check it out.

13. Are you really a vampire?

Now that would be telling, wouldn’t it? ; )

5 responses to “13 Questions”

  1. Sameer says :

    Lovely blog that Joleene. Also, I love the way you’ve pimped up the Bueno theme. Great going, and keep writing.

  2. Juli Hoffman says :

    Just surfing Ye Old WordPress when I should be cleaning, or writing, or making sure the kiddo is staying out of trouble! In other words, I’m procrastinating. 😉

    Holy smokes Jo!!! You have a TON of posts out there! This 13 question one is great! I don’t know why I didn’t notice it before. Have a great day! JH

    • Joleene Naylor says :

      Procrastinating! That is one of my favorite hobbies! Jonathan and I have discussed making a procrastination anonymous group. We’ll get to it one of these days.


      Yeah, my MySpace is even worse. I’m too chatty, I think 😉

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