Quote Challenge and Such

Anne R Murray was kind enough to challenge me with the 3 day quote challenge. If you’ve never checked out her blog, please hop on over and while you’re there check out her books too! (They’re listed on the left sidebar of her blog)

And now to the challenge. Nominees post one quote a day for three days – it can be their own or someone else’s – and nominate three bloggers a day to join in.

Today’s quote is from the movie Ride With the Devil (which is one of my favorites):

It ain’t right and it ain’t wrong, it just is.

There is an amazing amount of wisdom in those words that describes the whole world, most of society, and 90% of life. It’s not right, it’s not wrong, it just is – and what matters is what you make of it.

For nominees, I nominate/tag:

  • Jisilly
  • Bonnie Mutchler

Past that I’m fighting with my text messaging (It’s not sending videos) and working on the Amaranthine Handbook. I’m on the last page of G – which is also page 39. wOOt! I have to go help Dad with his cell phone tomorrow, so it may be a more exciting blog. At least one with pictures in it. Oh heck, let’s find some photos for this one….

Aha! The garage sale find of the weekend: The Barbie Friend Ship:

I know. Sooooooooooo cool! 🙂

Okay, and now I am out of here. Have a good one!

Jo 🙂

About Joleene Naylor

An independent author, freelance artist, and photographer for fun who loves anime, music, and writing. Check out my vampire series Amaranthine at http://JoleeneNaylor.com or drop me a line at Joleene@JoleeneNaylor.com

2 responses to “Quote Challenge and Such”

  1. Barbara says :

    I love the garage sale find – I’ve not seen one of those before.

    • Joleene Naylor says :

      I’d never seen them either. We actually passed it up Saturday because it was closed and turned so that the we didn’t see the lettering and we thought it was hair curlers or something Lol

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