Happy Thanksgiving &Hubby’s Handicrafts

Happy thanksgiving! We have the house clean, got six pies made, have the turkey almost done precooking (I cook it most of the way the day before then I don’t have the problem of it not being done in time the next day) and…. And with the weather forecasts everyone has cancelled. Boo. So it will be the five of us, plus I think my aunt and uncle who live literally three houses up from us. But that’s okay. Well have enough pie for seconds. And thirds. And maybe fourths.
One good thing about us hosting a holiday is I can finally get hubby moving on things that need done. He built the bathroom basket storage tower:


Finished and installed the kitchen cubby.


And then knocked me out some little pie shelves so we could stack everything in the fridge.


It may be crazy but I am in love with the little pie shelves and plan to paint them and use them again and again. They are so friggin cool.
Anyway, not much else. We finally got something for that blank wall in the bathroom:


It’s from Hobby Lobby. There was a wreath there I really wanted, and may get if they still have it later.
Also the brother and I moved shelves in the fridge so that the tiny stupid shelf is now at eye level.


Before it was the bottom shelf above the drawers and no one could see what was there and stuff went bad. I’ve always hated it and then I had this aha moment where I realized it’s OUR fridge, not a landlord’s, and we can adjust it. Holy smokes. It’s sad how renting for 16 years engrains things in you.
And now I must pull the turkey out and pop it in the fridge, then it’s bed for me. The deep house cleaning had worn me out.
Have a good one!
Jo 🙂

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One response to “Happy Thanksgiving &Hubby’s Handicrafts”

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic says :

    Happy Thanksgiving!! All those pies…yummy!!

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