Slugs and Such

Today did not turn out the way it was supposed to, which means the whole weekend is screwed up, but oh well. I did get some little bit of writing poked in and I got a book review done for The Seance. Awesome, awesome book. I have to say Tricia Drammeh has joined my list of favorite authors, as this si the second book of hers that I could not put down. I actually cooked dinner last night while holding my kindle in one hand. (We had apple glazed pork chops and baked potatoes). Luckily I didn’t splatter anything on it.

We had a couple of days of rain, though luckily did not get the severe weather we were worried about. Right before it, for reasons known only to.. um…well no one… I went on a binge at about two in the morning and decided to clean all the dead leaves off of the patio. Only they were mostly soggy and smelled like a marsh, so I used a broom and ended up with a massive pile, which then not having a rake I had to sweep across the yard… long story short as I was sweeping leaves across my yard at two a.m. I wondered if the neighbors ever look out their window and think, “Huh.”

Oh wait, they’re probably in bed.

Anyway, among the damp, marshy leaves I found a couple of new friends, which I had t photograph.

And weren’t those fun? And now I must go have some chicken nuggets. Ciao!

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Pokemon & Google


I spent two hours last night messing around with the google maps Pokemon challenge. Just in case you have no idea what I’m talking about:

Okay, that video was great, but just how do you play? Ideally you look in random places and BOOM find some pokemon:

pokemon 4

then click on your little pokemon friend to find who he is. If you want to catch him, click the blue pokeball:

pokeon 5

and a pop up confirms that you got him.

pokemon 6

You can check your poekdex to see who you’re missing and how many you’ve collected so far.


When you catch all 150 a “secret” pokemon named Mew shows up in a random location. Even better, he moves around, so though you may have checked somewhere, the next time you go back he might be there. I found him the third time I checked a certain spot:


And once you have all 151 your pokedex looks like this:


For the sake of full disclosure, I will say I had some help, mainly a website that listed possible locations for all the pokemon, but I still had to search the locations and let me tell you sometimes trying it type in those foreign place names was harder work than anything I’ve done lately. I tend to superimpose letters around and/or not see letters and this causes a problem when you’re doing a search.

All in all it was a fun waste of time and well executed on google’s part. It’s still going right now – I don’t know when it ends – so if you have a smart phone and google maps see how many pokemon you can catch. You can find all the info here, including a link to the wikia I used. As for Mew locations I just did google searches and tried them all over and over and over until he finally showed up.



Does Anyone Else Hate Bishop?


Spent yesterday sick, which is always not fun. Though I did get to spend some time with hubby watching TV, and that’s always nice. We caught up on NCIS, which I admit I’ve been avoiding lately. Why? because I HATE the new character Bishop. The woman is a  Mary Sue - she can do EVERYTHING, is smarter than EVERYONE (including Tim and Ducky), EVERYONE loves her, and she even talks back to Gibbs and gets away with it, not to mention she is perfect, tiny, blonde, and quirky. She grew up with three brothers in Georgia so she’s super tough, and she just happened to be the TOP agent in the whole world when it came to the terrorist they were chasing.  Oh, and did I mention she is also a genius? She’s like a Barbie wannabe – kind of like Barbie’s little sister Skipper, only twice as annoying.

And since she’s shown up in episode 9 most semblance to real procedure has also gone out the window. For instance in one episode they had Gibbs investigating his ex-wife. Um, conflict of interest much? No way that would happen. And that bit of reality the show USED to have was one thing I admired about the show, however it seems it fled with Ziva, and we now have episode after episode of Skipper making stupid mistakes that always turn out for the better, infiltrating every corner of the office (she was even in the men’s room), being cutesy and blonde and never using a chair. Meanwhile they have been ignoring some very awesome story possibilities.

Anyway, so we finally watched the last three weeks’ worth, and *gasp* the writers FINALLY managed to find some of those awesome story ideas I mentioned. For instance Tim’s girlfriend was paralyzed from the waist down in episode 12, and they FINALLY did something with it in episode 17.  Yeah, it took five episodes for them to remember it. (prior to this the only mention of her has been when they were going after that terrorist and Tim wonders if he should let his girlfriend know because he is worried they will fail to catch the guy and she will be disappointed. Really???) And Tony finally got an episode where he wasn’t a complete buffoon whose only purpose is a cheap laugh, which he had devolved into the minute Bishop showed up.

But have these two good episodes in a sea of bad ones renew my faith in the show? Not really. I dread the next episode because I’m waiting for the shoe to drop again and have our screens shoved full of more nonsensical, quirky, Mary Sue crap. i understand that after eleven seasons the core cast is getting older, and they’re looking to add youth into the mix and draw a new audience, but I hope they remember the audience who got them this far.

Am the only who feels this way?


More Habi Makeover Fun

Monster Picnic

I shared some of Clucky’s great habitats the other day, so I thought it was only fair to share my other pet, Quickness the turtle.

If you don’t know what Habi Makeover is, it is a fun program that allows us to use the old Superpoke Pets Lite files to create and decorate new habitats. It’s the only online game I participate in, though right now we don’t get points or coins or anything for playing with one another’s pets like we did on the old SPP website, instead the fun is just in the decorating, and that’s fine with me, because that was the part I enjoyed. Well, decorating and looking at other people’s habitats. And with the new beta version it is easier than ever to decorate said habitats.

Okay, enough of a recruitment speech. Here are Quickness’ habitats. Though he is mostly a boy, he has, on occasion, had to be a girl. It’s good for him.



Habi Makeover Habitat Fun

Wampa Cave

I’ve mentioned habi maekover before (okay, so it was in 2012, sue me). What is it? The short answer is it is a continuation of the old Superpoke Pets game that has a fun community. And thanks to the newest upgrade in the standalone habi makeover program, it’s getting easier and easier to make habitats. In fact, you don’t even need the old spp files now, so even if you never played Superpoke Pets you can still join and adopt a pet.

One of these days I am going to make a “how to” video or two, but in the meantime there’s lots of info on the habi makeover wiki.

So now that you kind of get what it is (think Pet City or Bitty Pets but cuter) I’m going to randomly share some of Clucky’s habitats with you. Yay!


And because there are so many, I think I’ll save Quickness (my other pet) for another day.

Have a good one!wpid-signature.png

Taking Time


We have a storm coming in so I am just going to schedule this post as we’ll probably lose internet later. I could post it now but I don’t want it competing with my blog tour posts on Facebook.

Speaking of the blog tour it’s going good. Not sure if there’s been a sales boost from it or not. So far I’ve mostly been on familiar blogs, so their readers no doubt are used to me. This week will see the blogs with different audiences (yes, I braved up and actually contacted people I didn’t know!) so cross your fingers.

Talking about the blog tour, I have seen a lot of posts/sites/twitter tips/etc. lately about organizing. Most of them are about to do lists/organizational documents that take longer to organize that the projects take to do, and while I’m not going to start that any time soon, they did have one good point about organizing your time.

Do what you say you’ll do when you say you’ll do it.

And to me that means that starting in May I am taking Thursday and Friday off to work on other projects, just like my email signature and my websites claim I am supposed to. Is this going to piss people off? Probably. But my bad attitude is that if they’re in that much of a hurry there are other cover artists out there. I can recommend two, in fact.

Why May? Because I am going to be MIA for April. There are a lot of other things I need to do, so I won’t be taking any projects for the month. I need to get that posted soon, not that most people bother with the website, anyway, but for those that do the info will be there.

Not that this post says anything worth saying, but I am ending it now anyway. I have to get some stuff done on Facebook and then it’s time to work until the net goes down.

Have a good one, all!





The Pina Colada Song


Hello, hello. Missed another day, ha ha! See what I mean about the daily commitment? Went to the doc, got my hair dyed, blah, blah, boring. Plotted some about fixing people up, which might be an interesting topic, but I am sworn to secrecy, so instead I am rambling.

The stupid Pina Colada song is in my head at the moment because I got some of the Pina Colada soda stream mix – which is pretty good by the way. If you have somewhere been under a rock since 1970-whatever, here are the lyrics - .

I used to listen to a soft rock station as a kid (weird, I know) which played a lot of 70s’ music, including this one. I hate to be a downer, or a spoil sport, but I never found the premise – that both he and his “lady” were going behind one another’s backs to find someone to cheat with/leave the other for – cute or funny. I mean, seriously? They’re obviously living together, and she advertises in the paper looking for a new guy and he – self confessed as being “tired of his lady” – answers the add. In the end I don’t think either one has a right to point any fingers because they’re both in the wrong, but to me rather than being a cutsey thing that proves they are together for a reason (they answered one another’s adds to cheat, awwwww) I find it a bit disgusting. Just break up and move on if you’re that bored, or grow up and try to save the relationship.

Am I reading too much into what’s meant to be a cutesy song? Probably. But that’s what happens when you listen to this stuff as an analytical eight year old. Then again, I could give a rant about Lips of an Angel, but maybe I’ll save that for another day.

wpid-signature.pngSo those are my random thoughts for the day. Now I have to get to work.

Listening to – Deep Blue Something – Home (the whole album!)


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