New Photos: Moth & Bugs – A WTF is this edition


There is a really gross bug in here. You’ve been warned.

what is this

Anyone know what this is?

little demon eyes

This is a large, red eyes moth – hee-hee

moth is staring at me

Staring contest… the moth won

cool wings

I love his wings

wtf is this thing

okay, now WTF is THIS thing?!?!?!?! – gross fact: I actually TOUCHED it when I came out my door (yes, this is my front door). UGH!!!

omg it creeps me out just editing these

Just looking at this makes me queasy….

Ewwww. And after that gross bug I am psychologically damaged, so I will save the sunrise photos until tomorrow.

Song playing at the moment – Leave Before the Lights Come on – Arctic Monkeys


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8 responses to “New Photos: Moth & Bugs – A WTF is this edition”

  1. canarybird80 says :

    I’ve never seen such a bug. Strange looking thing!! ick!

  2. julihoffman says :

    I like the moth photos. They have a butterfly house at the Detroit Zoo. I could hang out with the butterflys and moths all day if they’d let you.

  3. moonvapors says :

    Ewwww!! Gave me the ickies too.

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