Christmas Decorating

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… well, sort of. We have the lights. We have the tree. We’re missing the snow.

Maybe that’s okay for now.

Speaking of the tree, we went old fashioned Christmas this year, and cut one down from my Dad’s place:


In it’s natural habitat


The great tree slayer

But I had Griswold syndrome (no, no squirrels) because it looked LOTS smaller outside than inside. We had to chop well over a foot off of it.


Trimming the bottom old-tyme style

And it’s still taaaaaallllllll.


Yep. Over eight foot.

But it makes up for height by sparse-ness. I tell myself that this is what good old fashioned Christmas trees looked like back in the old-tymie days (if I’m wrong, don’t tell me), and so try to embrace the retro. Mainly we got it because a) it was free and b) Dad is going to cut it down this summer if it was still standing, so it seemed to me it should die for something if it has to die either way.

And now for a fun gallery of my decorations.

Wasn’t that exciting?

Have a christmas-sy kind of day!

Jo 🙂

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