Photos: Arizona Palm Trees

(originally from January 2008)


My mother and I were invited to Arizona for a week to visit my cousins Theresa and June. It was the first time I was ever out of the midwest (not counting babyhood trips), as well as my first time on a plane. I went berserk documenting it and, though I won’t share all the photos, there are some fun ones.

You knew it was coming. Okay, you should have. it’s… PALM TREES!!!



This looks like desktop wallpaper to me











Date trees. I like dates. Especially when they pay. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay, bad joke…



sunset palm.jpg


Kinda squirrely looking

june's cose up.jpg

The close up!

More tomorrow! (I see you jumping for joy!)

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3 responses to “Photos: Arizona Palm Trees”

  1. Colleen Breuning says :

    Congrats on your trip to AZ and first time on a plane!!! Nice photos, Jo…. I think I take for granted the beauty of palm trees having lived in South Florida for over 23 years. I certainly do have my share of them, though, in my photo catalogs. There are fabulous!!!

    😀 Colleen

    • Joleene Naylor says :

      Thanks! hee-hee, i was like a little kid with them. “OMG! a palm tree!” click of camera “a palm tree!” click of camera “Wow! Palm trees!” click of camera – etc. I think I have more palm tree photos than many archives the world over, LOL! Okay, maybe not, but there are a lot…

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