Winter Photos – Blogophilia 3.4

Blogophilia is the fun blog group where participants post a weekly blog using prompts. This week’s prompts are:

  • Blogophilia 3.4 Topic: “Traveling Man”
  • Bonus Points:
  • (Hard, 2pts): include the ‘web’ (as in world wide web)
  • (Easy, 1pt): mention Brussells

Hm. I’m supposed to be writing Claudius, but there is no way I can work the world wide web into his story. Just not happening. I don’t really think I can work Brussels in, either. So, I guess I will concede defeat and bore you with some photos and write Claudius separately because I need to get to it. I also have a pile of emails I need to get to, including some beta editing for someone. :p
Spring is pretty much here, but I just finally got the last of my February photos edited and updated to flickr where anyone can see them via the world wide web. Pretty cool, huh? Another interesting thing is they are all Creative Commons, too, so anyone can use them for stuff, for free, no matter where they live. Even if they’re in Brussels! Though, I admit, I don’t have as many photos as I’d like and , in fact, am kind of running out of stuff around here to photograph. I need to embrace my traveling man side and go somewhere new!

Okay, here’s some wintery pics.



Just a cool tree

icy river

Looking off of Sunset Bridge

black n white

Nice textures







fence line


i hope these aren;t county signs

I hope these aren’t county signs… talk about budget cuts! 😉


I don’t know who owns this house. It was just cheerful.

And since this is so random, I don’t think we need any Random Things… All I have are book covers, anyway!

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5 responses to “Winter Photos – Blogophilia 3.4”

  1. Sue says :

    you cleaver girl you ! just worked those prompts in – mine is on facebook – sorta did the same – but with a poem not pics

    The geese are back at the place I do peer learning – did not have cam yesterday so will take it today

    The geese with the still lingering snow should be interesting. It will be april if lucky when all the snow melts

    though now self conscious about pics as my friends – including you – take such fab ones and mine are so amateurish

    I owe you a ton of mail too …..

  2. crazypjs says :

    Love the photos, not so much winter but at least it seems to be behind us for a few months. I like these blogs almost as much as the story ones…honest! ;D

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